Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - Update

This is an update that Jodi sent to me late last night about Logan. Please pray for the doctors who are tending to Logan and Olivia. Please continue to pray for precious Logan who is struggling right now. Please pray that both Olivia and Logan may feel God's hand of healing and love upon them and that Ryan and Jodi are being comforted by His peace and comfort.

We got a call tonight around 10:30 pm from the NICU. Logan’s abdominal girth has increased even more than it has been within the past few days. He also seemed to be more swollen on the left side of his chest. Because of this, they did an x-ray. They saw what seemed to be fluid pushing down on his lung making it even more difficult for him to breathe. So, tonight they did a procedure where they insert a needle into his chest to try to drain the fluid. Logan was given a local anesthetic along with morphine and they attempted twice to remove the fluid, but didn’t get any. It is unknown whether or not the pocket of fluid was missed or if it is even fluid at all. It has been a long night and we’re going to attempt to go to sleep without the answers that we need. Tomorrow morning the neonatologists are going to put their heads together to try to figure out what is going on. Please pray that they find the answers that they need to help Logan. Please please pray for my little boy. I just really want him to feel loved. After all he has been through. . .he probably doesn’t understand why all of these things are being done to him. To him, life must not feel very enjoyable. Please just pray that God makes sure that he feels loved. He has such a wonderful life waiting for him!!

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Anonymous said...

Both of your babies are so loved! As I've said before, their little ears must burn each day!! I alone, pray for them 3 or 4 times a day!

I was so happy to hear the good test results they each received-what a miracle that is in itself!

I hope the doctors are able to care better for Logan today.

I will continue my prayers for all of you.

Know that you and your babies are only ever PHYSICALLY alone-we are all with you each day-thinking of you and praying-and of course, God is with you always. -Stacy Woodard