Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007 - Update and Pictures

Well, it looks like Miss Olivia may have to go back on CPAP. She does beautifully on nasal cannula. . . .saturates at 100%. . .when she’s awake. Once she goes to sleep, she gets too relaxed and forgets to breathe. This is one of the reasons that we haven’t been able to hold her. Instead of CPAP, they may try her on a high flow nasal cannula. We don’t know yet. I feel so bad for her because she seems so much more comfortable off of CPAP, however, you can only watch your child stop breathing so many times. Like I told my dad tonight, she is Super Baby, but she is only human. Olivia is still doing fabulous. She was so alert and content tonight. I couldn’t decide which pictures to share. I got to dress her in her first outfit. She didn’t fuss at all when I was putting it on and I think she even liked it. Actually, she is getting very accustomed to mom and dad and pretty much lets us do what we want. While we were there, she was maintaining her body temperature very well. Please pray that her apnea/bradycardia episodes become few and far between. . .even if that means going back on CPAP. Please keep her in your prayers and enjoy the pictures of sweet Livi!

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad. I've been waiting for you."

This is my mom changing my diaper. I don’t fuss when mom or dad change my diaper anymore. In fact, I like to leave a present for dad and then right after he cleans me up. . .I like to leave another present for mom.

I’ve got my eye on you.

Oh, daddy. . .you’re hilarious!

This is my mom dressing me for the first time.

Uh, mom? What happened to my hand?

Man, now I know why they call this a sleeper.

Mom. . .you make me so happy.

Okay, I just can’t stay awake any longer. Goodnight.


Shelley said...

I am sitting here trying to decide who she looks like... one picture I see mommy, then I see daddy.. but I must say she is very Pretty in Pink!! We love you Livi!

Don said...

Okay, I'm Jodi's Dad....and I can't keep quiet this morning. Looking at "Sweet Livi" is quite a treat today! She is definitely "pretty in pink"!

The words to the first verse of the song,"All I Need" that Jodi mentioned are:

I've dedicated all my living
To the One who keeps on giving
A life that's full of every blessing.
How could I ask for anything more?

Truly, although I've certainly experienced lifes' difficulties, I've been blessed beyond measure. Both of my son Don and daughter Jodi have honored us ...with their spouses and their children. My son Don and his wife Shelley have blessed us with Isabelle "Izzy". What a sweet girl! Together with her cousin "Livi", we should never have a dull moment. How could I ask for anything more!

Olivia, just as your Mom has done, you "humble and inspire" me. May your life ahead be full of every blessing. Jodi spoke earlier in this blog about the words on her bunny poster that impacted her life...may those same words inspire you, Livi:

What you are is God's gift to you.
What you become is your gift to God!

Julie Hamlett said...

She is so adorable. And you probably don't believe this at this point in time, but pink will begin to wear on you! I think Olivia would look beautiful in anything. I also think I see alot of the Glunt features in her. Sometimes she reminds me so much of Rebekah's baby pictures. Especially the eyes. We are still praying daily for your miracle baby.

Sarah Furlough said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Sounds like she is sailing along beautifully!

I hope that they will try the high-flow cannula- Cooper did very well on that. I always felt sorry for him and Cooper when they were on CPAP- it looks so uncomfortable!

I will keep her in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little angel. She is doing so well and what a fighter she is. Pink, purple, yellow or whatever ------- she is a darling little girl that deserves a future with family that love her as you all do. Jodi and Ryan you are learning to be parents and god knows there are no manuals, however he too knows that you will be great. You have already shown your faith and strength and you will continue. Olivia will be proud to call you mom and dad. I will keep praying for her as for all of you. Keep smiling, Olivia loves that.

Nancy Sample

Anonymous said...

What wonderful progress Olivia is making and what a feeling it is to dress your child for the first time! You all continue to be in my prayers daily as well as the prayers of your Cimarron church family.

Erin (Etling) Jones

abby said...

She's so cute...and the As and Bs will stop...just give her a bit of time. She's doing tremendously well but her systems are still immature and she probably still 'forgets' to breathe. But it'll come...and meanwhile you have yourself one darling daughter!

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to imagine being able to forget to breathe. It just makes you appreciate how strong Olivia has to be to be doing as well as she is. Don't look at her getting back on CPAP as a setback. Look at it as incentive for Olivia to kick butt some more, although I hope she can stay on the nasal cannula. Good luck Olivia!


Anonymous said...

She is beatiful!!!! Thanks for sharing so many great pictures.

Becky said...

Yay, Olivia! You go, girl. You are such a beautiful little girl in your pink sleeper! You and your mommy and daddy are in my prayers everyday.

Kellars Mommy said...

The a's & b's will soon be a thing of the past, I remember them having to put Kellar back on cpap at one time and it was just a matter of days and he was back on cpap and then in no time he was off of that...It'll come...She's a sweety...

Shannon said...

She is absolutely adorable in her first pink sleeper!!!

Sounds like she is doing very well and these "little" ups and downs are okay!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! It's wonderful to get to see so many pictures of Olivia. She's so beautiful and seems to be doing very well! I'm so happy for you all!