Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - Update

I am sitting here all alone tonight as I type this update. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, so I couldn’t go see my daughter and I’m just heartbroken. I don’t know if I’m truly sick or if it’s just allergy drainage, but I don’t want to take the chance. Ryan is up with her right now and I know that she loves her daddy. He’ll read her story to her (we’re now on Peter Cottontail) and let her know that she is loved. I still miss her so much!!!

I do have wonderful news to relay. She had another eye exam today and the ROP has not progressed past Stage 1. This does not mean that we’re in the clear, but it is still fantastic news. Olivia also had to have her Hepatitis B vaccination today. The nurse gave her a pacifier with sucrose and said that Olivia did very well and that she has actually gotten more upset over a diaper change. She is still on a PEEP of 4. Last night she had a nose bleed. . .those prongs have to be so uncomfortable. Olivia did lose 10 grams last night and they are a little concerned about her growth again. They removed her OG tube today because, along with excess gas, it is also removing some of the milk she’s being fed. They believe that she might also be anemic. Tomorrow they will check her levels and she will have another transfusion, if needed.

Ryan just returned from his visit with Olivia and had two surprises for me. The first surprise was a note from one of our favorite nurses commending me for being such a good mom. I don’t feel like a very good mom since I didn’t go see my daughter today, but I really don’t want to get her sick. Also, people donate and/or make quilts for all of the babies in the NICU. Well, Olivia had a quilt made especially for her by the mother and grandmother of an NICU nurse. How special is that? We also ask for continued prayers for Olivia’s neighbor.

Olivia continues to do so well. I am not naïve enough to believe that she could come out of this whole thing completely unscathed. I mean, she was born 17 weeks early. . .17 WEEKS!! But, her progress has continued to amaze me and I pray every day that she will be okay. I pray that I am given the wisdom and the support to face whatever obstacles that we encounter. I know that I love Olivia more than I ever thought possible and I will do my best to give her every opportunity in life. Ryan and I are committed to her 110% and will be the best parents that we can possibly be.


Karen said...

You are an awesome mom, you love your daughter enough to not risk not only hers but the other babies in the NICU's health. I am not even a mom and I can't imagine not being able to go see my child, especially given the circumstances. I hope and pray that tomorrow you wake up and feel awesome and can once again see Olivia and also that Olivia continues to improve and start gaining weight again! My godson was born at 27 weeks and change, he is 2 and doing great. I thought he was so tiny when I saw him at 17 days old, hard to imagine a baby even smaller than him!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't see Olivia yesterday. I hope it was just allergies and you're healthy again today. I'm sure she missed you too. Awesome to hear about her ROP status! And too bad we can't all eat an extra meal or two to help her gain weight! We all want to see her in cute pink clothes very soon.


Anonymous said...

I've been out of town for a few days and finally got to get in and get caught up with Olivia. I'm so happy for the mainly good news!!

Before we left, Hayes caught some kind of respiratory flu. He had it for 2 weeks and was sicker than I've ever seen him. (Hayes is 4 years old). It does not matter how little, their age, or anything else, it hurts to see your child hurt. I was so scared for about 4 days because his cough got worse and worse and I didn't want it to turn into pneumonia. Anyway.... he's better. You're such a good mom to stay home with your sore throat and away from Olivia and others. I wish more people were so courteous. I said a little prayer that you'll feel better soon (and I prayed for Olivia before I went to sleep last night). -Stacy Woodard