Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 - Evening Update

I have great news to report tonight. Dr. Dorn called us this afternoon to tell us that Olivia was coming off of CPAP. Yep, she is now on nasal cannula and doing fabulous. What wonderful news! After we quit dancing around and singing the theme to Rocky (she’s quite the fighter,) we had to call our parents and let them know. Dr Dorn even mentioned that if she continues to do well, we may be discussing the move to the special care nursery as early as next week. I don’t know if we’re quite ready for that, but like all parents. . . .we have to let her grow up. As much as we want her home, we hope it’s not until AFTER my baby shower. Ryan and I realized today that we do not yet have everything quite ready for her homecoming.

We went up to see her tonight and were unable to get in due to the admission of triplets (two of these babies are on the same team as Olivia.) We had to wait out in the waiting room for about an hour, but while we were there we talked to some other moms. I met one mom who gave birth to twins (boy and girl) at 23 weeks about a month after I did. This was after her struggle with infertility and 3 rounds of IVF (I believe.) Wow. . .it was amazing to talk to someone who really understood. She even talked about how she needed to get home to pump. I thought I was the only one who thought about that. Please pray for her two little ones.

Anyway, we finally got in to see Olivia and she was beautiful. You can see her face so well. She loved having us there tonight and when we would take our hands out of her isolette, she would get really squirmy until we got back in with her. I read her story to her and she loved that. There was a part in the book where Reddy Fox stuttered and after I read that part, she just grinned from ear to ear. She continues to amaze us day after day. I think we can finally see a little glimmer of light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. What an amazing little girl we have and what an amazing God we have who blessed us with this absolute angel.

Now you CPAP, now you don't!


Casey's trio said...

Congrats on the move to the nasal cannula. I can remember how nice it was to see our babies faces without all the equipment! Keep it up Olivia:)

Rich said...

I'm glad that Olivia is making such great progress. Mom, Dad, Kid... STAY STRONG! You are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday, your faith is amazing and definately keep that strong hold on it! The triplets you mention admitting to the NICU belong to a friend of mine... thanks for mentioning them b/c I've been waiting anxiously for an update on if they arrived or not! I will continue praying for Olivia and hope she continues on the path of progress!- Angie

Anonymous said...

Praise God! And post some pictures of your little darling! I can't wait to see her without CPAP and hopefully, in some little clothes! Isn't it amazing how you wait and wait for news like moving up to Special Care and then when it finally happens, you feel like there's so much to do, you're not quite ready!! Oh, and let us know how it goes... I hope now that shes on the canula, you get start practicing nursing with her!! That makes all that pumping worth it!
We will keep praying that she can make it home by Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I just have three words to say: YOU GO GIRL!


Judith and Jason said...

Congrats on cannula! What a huge step in her road to come home!
It's funny you mention baby shower and not wanting her home before it. I was the same way with Nina. BUT we went ahead and planned the shower for Sat the 23rd and she came home that Thursday! I had my husband watch her!
Olivia is doing so well and you guys are doing great too!

Anonymous said...

Wow....sounds wonderful. Praise the Lord!!'re stretching my vocabulary a bit because I don't know what the nasal cannula is (the nose part I get). Looking forward to new pictures where we can see her precious face without all those pesky hoses, etc.

Love and hugs, Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

At least if I have to come in to work every day, it's great to hear such good news about Olivia. We praise God with you.

Love & prayers,
Chris & Jean

Anonymous said...

Congrats baby Livi!!!
You are such an amazing little girl! Keep up the good work Missy!!! We love you and can't wait to meet you! Funny you mention the triplets..I went to high school with the mom....she was so nervous...but you are such a wonderful mother, I know she can learn a few tricks from you! I am
so looking forward to seeing new pics of her in PINK!!!YEAH!!
Love you all-
The wardens :P

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Livi! What wonderful news! I'm so glad that the light is finally shining through at the end of your tunnel. She seems to be doing fantastic! (But I won't say anything more because I don't want to jinx her!!) I can't wait to see her in her new clothes! Jodi, call me anytime I would love to go shopping with you! You must be so excited! Ryan, I think now would be a good time to start learning how to do hair!! As it sounds like she could be home before you know it!
I was so excited for you when I read that she was now on the nasal cannula! That's so wonderful! I can't wait to see her precious face! By the way Jodi is talking she sounds like a movie-star!
I love you all so much and can't wait to see this glamour-girl!
Stay Strong,

Kellars Mommy said...

Olivia is precious and such a lil' fighter...

Kellars Mommy said...

Mind if I add you to our blog roll? Feel free to add Bear if you'd like as well...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I read your blog everyday and you are all such a blessing to me! Please let me know what you still need, I would love to send a gift. I work for Lisa Lang in Golden Colorado where Shelley used to work and that is how I started reading your blog.

Shanan Zoucha

Sarah said...

Congratulations on nasal cannula! That is an awesome achievement!

Anonymous said...

:) :) :)
When is the shower? Can we send gift cards? MJ

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

That is such good news that Olivia in on a nasal cannula! It si always such a joy to see your baby's face for the first time.