Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009 - Update

It was a beautiful. . .and I mean beautiful day today so we headed out to the zoo. (Because that's what us Kansans do, right Amanda?) We met up with Shelley and Izzy along with Izzy's friend, Ruven, and his mom. Izzy and Ruven go by Iz and Ru. . .so I'm thinking that when the three of them are together maybe Olivia will go by Liv. :) We had a really good time and spent about two hours letting the kids run around in the tent in the gorilla forest. I accidentally spilled some pop in Olivia's wagon and soaked poor Olivia's pants. So, guess who had the child running around without any pants? That would be me. Luckily, Shelley somehow had a diaper cover that Olivia could wear, so it didn't make it quite as bad. I carry this HUGE diaper bag and never have what I need and Shelley has one no bigger than a purse and seems to have everything.

Olivia and Izzy were quite the pair. . .Olivia without pants and Izzy without shoes. They had a blast, though.


Amanda said...

yay! The zoo!!! It was beautiful today here too.. we were out aaaalll day! We might go to the zoo Thursday... and if we do.. I will totally post a pic just for you!! I love the pic of her with a diaper cover on... hilarious... :) Hope she's not been as cranky..?.. Nathan seems to be a little more himself today too...cause he too had the "i turned two and terrible" attitude :) Have a good night!!

Jodi said...

Izzy calls diaper covers "butt pants" and the name sort of stuck. It took all I had to call them diaper covers instead of butt pants. :)