Monday, August 31, 2009

Rough Night

We still have problems sometimes with Olivia throwing up. Tonight was one of those nights. If you don't care to hear about vomit right now. . .I wouldn't read this post if I were you. Olivia ate tons for dinner tonight and then had a bottle before bed. Now, over the past two years I have become quite skilled in the catching of vomit. I've actually come up with some pretty ingenious ways to do so. One time, Olivia was in her high chair and I knew it was inevitable, so I grabbed the nearest cup and stuck it under her chin. In my haste, I didn't realize that the cup had water in it. . .and down poor Olivia's shirt the water went. Okay, so that was one of my not so ingenious times. Anyway, poor baby girl threw up tonight and I caught it all in a blanket. But, then a second round came and it went all over her, me, the floor, the chair, etc. A two year old's vomit is a lot harder to stomach than a babies. . .especially when there are whole Velveeta mac and cheese shells. I guess she just swallows them whole because there was a whole mound of perfectly formed shells. My least favorite thing in the whole world is throwing up so no matter how many times Olivia does it. . .it breaks my heart every single time. She can't eat anything high calorie, high sugar or a large volume of anything without throwing up. She can't get upset or worked up at night or she will throw up, so the term "cry it out" does not really apply in our house. I wish I knew how to help her. She's on Prilosec and when we've tried to get her off of it. . .she has more problems with gagging, etc. Anyway, it was a rough night because she was so tired and just wanted to go to sleep. But, we had to clean everything up and get her another bottle, etc. I just feel so bad for her.


Stacie said...

Poor Olivia.

We've had to deal with the same issue at our house as well.\;;;;;;;\\\\\\////////// <----Madison wanted to send her condolences as well. :D

I hope her little tummy feels better today and that she was able to get some rest after all of that.


Poor Olivia:( You can't help but feel frustrated because after they get sick, they cry, which makes them sick again...You do seem to have a system going though, I have alway too frantic to have any common sense at those times.