Saturday, September 5, 2009


Please excuse me for my rambling, but I have to get something off of my chest. Maybe someone has some insight for me. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) a few years ago as the reason for my infertility. I was not ovulating and I did have cysts (string of pearls) on my ovaries. I have never been entirely convinced that PCOS is my problem. It's like I was diagnosed by process of elimination and this was all that was left. Many people with PCOS, however, suffer with fatigue. You add that to what I have been through the past two years and maybe that is why I'm so tired. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. Now, if it's a hormonal imbalance then why do all of my hormone tests come back normal? I also have read that it's important to treat PCOS in order to treat your fatigue. In order to treat PCOS, you have to treat the underlying problems. These are

1) Hormonal imbalances: How do you treat when all your levels come back normal? They are putting me back on birth control pills, so I'm guessing this is their brilliant idea.
2) Insulin resistance: But, my blood sugar isn't high.
3) Weight loss: But, I'm not overweight.

Or, you can spend thousands of dollars on supplements that "supposedly" work. I'm not going to spend money on some quackadoo's big breakthrough idea. I'm so very very frustrated. I obviously have some problem because I am basically one big fertility mess. I'm trying to "treat" my PCOS but I don't know how and no one will help me. I thought my answers were within grasp with my new endocrinologist, but I was sorely disappointed. With those answers, I thought I would be given hope about many, many things. Anyway, if you have been given a diagnosis of PCOS, how are you treating it? Do you have problems with your energy levels? If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment, please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.


Stacy said...

i have pcos too and my hormone levels have always tested normal. there are other symptoms and the ultrasound of your ovaries is a big one. to me, it's just like some things i'm dealing with with conner. there is not one set list of symptoms so it's hard to diagnose. anyway, my doctor put me back on the pill too. i didn't want it, but there didn't seem like much of an option. my glucose and insulin have also always been normal but i have been taking metformin as well. my regular doctor put me on that. he thought we could give it a doesn't do any harm. anyway, i'm tired all the time too, but don't know if that's what's causing it.
i know this doesn't really help you, but just wanted you to know that my blood levels have always been normal but there are other symptoms that indicate PCOS too.

Chickenista said...

I've never even heard of this sorry I can't help. But, wow how frustrating for you. Hard to say about the tiredness. I would chalk that up to everything thats going on.

Jodi said...

Stacy: Yes, it doesn't seem they like those of us with PCOS off of the pill for long. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I dont have PCOS but I am knackered, and when possible take afternoon naps. Taking iron tablets and drinking more water has helped enormously. Obviously my fatigue is trivial, but I did some investigation and found this link