Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 - Update

I was so excited when my friend, Amanda, started a blog. She is one of my dearest friends whom I have never met in person. Isn't that crazy? We are so much alike I think we might have been separated at birth. Anyway, check out her blog here or you can find it listed as Raising Boys. She's due with her third boy in November.

I'm pretty nervous about Olivia's 2 year appointment tomorrow. I don't want her weight (or lack of) to be an issue. Maybe I'll save her diaper from tonight and put that on her before we go out to the scale. . .ha ha. That has to add at least 5 pounds. I'm sure that when I tell them that she is pointing and starting pretend play there will be something else entirely that they are expecting her to do. You can never win. Hopefully I'll have good news to report.

Also, Happy Happy Birthday to my nephew, Aidan, who turns 4 tomorrow. I hope you have a GREAT birthday!


Stacie said...

I hope you have nothing but wonderful things to report after her appointment. :)

Amanda said...'re too sweet :) Isn't that crazy that without the internet I wouldn't even know you! My own sister!? :)
I think all reports at the doctor today will be great! Pointing and talking?.. thats huge! I don't know what else they would expect at that age... and if there WAS something else... Nathan doesn't do it either....:) (we haven't even took him to his 2 year appt. yet) let me know how it goes!... but I can bet ya now, they are going to be thrilled with her progress!!