Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Pics

I finally managed to get my pictures off my camera.  Here are a few of Amanda’s boys:






As you can tell in this picture. . .things are the same in Ohio as they are in Kansas.  They look just like my nephews!  I hope Amanda didn’t want to kill me when I let Jake play my DS.  Afterwards, he kept talking about how he now wants a DS.  :)


Now, I gotta go pick this little girl up from school.  Hopefully, it’s another successful day at school! 


Amanda said...

Wow! I feel so special :) I've been mentioned in 3 posts in a row! Lol. Yes, Jake didn't know what a DS even was! Lol. NOW he does.... Haha... It's ok :) It's so weird still that you're not here! Only a couple days with u and I feel like you'd always been here and now moved away! I think that's a sign of true friendship :) soooo glad Olivia is still doing well at preschool!!! Yay olivia :) the videos u sent of her are too precious.

Kim said...

Amanda's boys are sooo cute! Wonder if she'll have a little girl this time?! :-)

Jodi, you're right, the picture of Jake and Nate reminds me of Aidan and Kaleb too...ahhh...the wonders of technology.