Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ohio Part II

Here I am with Nathan and  Jacob.  I stole this pic from Amanda’s blog.   I absolutely adored her boys.  All three of Amanda’s boys were super sweet.  I took a few pictures of them with my old camera (that has turned into “Olivia’s camera) and I couldn’t get the pictures off my camera.  It said file was corrupted or bad or something.  I’m pretty bummed about it and actually glad that I didn’t take more pictures.  While I was there, I was able to go to Jacob’s soccer game.  His team won their first game and Jacob scored his first goal!  Yay!  I seriously miss Amanda and her family!  We’re planning to someday meet in St. Louis (it’s halfway) and get both of our families together.  Olivia would have so much fun with her boys.  Amanda continually teaches me ways to become a better mother and Christian.  I am forever grateful for that.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi - I miss having you here.I really enjoyed your visit and hopefully it won't be your last.You just fit right in like family (even better than some, lol).You are welcome here anytime!!Thanks for your kind words about Amanda.She has a BIG heart...Love, Becky