Monday, October 11, 2010

The video

So, here’s the video of me and Amanda.  It’s hilarious!  I’m finally home.  I was supposed to be home last night, but didn’t get home til this morning.  That will be a long blog post in itself.  More to come later.  I want to spend some time with my family! 


Holli Taylor said...

Oh, brings tears of excitement and joy to my eyes! Thank God for the bloging community!

Julie Tocher said...

I read your blog every day but just now saw the video. I cried!! That is so sweet!!!

Amanda said...

Who IS that crazy screaming woman?! Lol. Looking back, you probably thought within the first 2 minutes, "what have I done?! This woman is nuts!" haha... And good thing Olivia wasn't there... She would have been afraid of me for life! I still can't believe I shut the door. Lololol