Monday, October 11, 2010

My Trip To Ohio

I don’t know where to begin to tell the story of my trip to Ohio.  I’m trying to mentally organize it into blog posts.  I think I’ll just start with an overview.  Like I mentioned before, Amanda’s mom called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would fly out to Ohio to surprise Amanda for her birthday.  Never before have I had such a great friend that I’ve never met in person.  Amanda has one of the biggest hearts in the world.  She has provided so much support to me over the past few years.  I had to take the opportunity to meet her and her beautiful family.

So, I took off Friday morning and was extremely nervous about flying.  I had never flown anywhere by myself before.  But, the most amazing thing happened.  God placed me in a seat next to a wonderful man named Warren.  Not only did he understand what it was like to have children in the NICU, but he was the father of boy/girl twins.  It was an emotional meeting because, as he said. . .he knows what I am missing out on by not being able to raise my twins together.  He also calmed my fears about flying, made sure I got my second boarding pass and directed me to my correct gate.  What a blessing.  It started my trip off on the right foot. 

Amanda’s mom and husband picked me up at the airport and I went back to Amanda’s parents’ house to await the surprise.  From the video, you can see that Amanda was very much surprised.  I had an amazing time and quite an adventure getting home.  I thought I would share a few pictures from last Friday.  A BIG thank you to Amanda and her family for making me feel so welcome.  You are all amazing!

photo (4)

Amanda and Me

Amanda with husband Rodney, Jake, Nate and Ben.  And, she is expecting her fourth in May. 

Me, Amanda’s mom, Becky, and Amanda. 

We had a hot dog roast on Friday night.  I hadn’t done that in a long time. 

I have to say that I’m very thankful to be home.  Like I said, I was supposed to come home Sunday night, but my flight got cancelled and all other flights out were booked.  So, Delta had to put me up in a hotel room last night and fly me out at 6 am this morning.  As stressful as it was, it was almost worth it because Olivia got to come with Ryan to pick me up this morning.  There is nothing like your child yelling, “Mommy!” and running into your arms.  She gave me the biggest, best hug. . .I didn’t ever want to put her down.  I missed her so much.  I wish I would have been able to take Olivia with me, but after the hassles of  air travel. . .I’m so thankful she wasn’t with me.  I have to say that I miss Amanda and her family as well.  It’s sad not knowing when I’ll get to see them all again.  What an amazing trip and one that I’ll always remember! 

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What a great gift, for the both of you! The video was hilarious. Glad you made it home safely:)